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Hire talent specialized in FinTech and AI with Feel IT Studio. Empower your startup with top minds to innovate, scale, and lead. Partner with us to drive your success, ensuring growth with flexible staffing solutions tailored to your needs. Connect today to transform your team.


Why hire with Feel IT

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees. Flat-rate outstaffing solutions with transparent pricing at Feel IT Studio. Your trusted partner for specialized FinTech talent acquisition. Rely on us for strategic business growth.

Flexibility for your needs

Flexibility for your needs

Feel IT promises rapid replacements for unmatched satisfaction. With our software development professionals, you can maintain productivity. We are your one-stop shop for agile IT staffing solutions.

Unwavering dedication

Unwavering dedication

Your IT projects are our priority. Rely on Feel IT Studio's dedication to top talent for specialized FinTech staffing. Our approach sets us apart as a leading staff augmentation company.

Hassle-free experience

Hassle-free experience

Unburden yourself from administrative complexities. Feel IT Studio handles legal and tax matters, ensuring a seamless, efficient experience. Focus on growth; we've got the intricate details.

Strong English proficiency

Strong English proficiency

We guarantee developers with fluent communication skills for smooth project management. At Feel IT Studio, our B2 level candidates are proficient in English, ensuring seamless collaboration.

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Our Expertise

Unlock top-tier IT talent effortlessly. Seeking a senior engineer or mid-level developer? Partner with Feel IT Studio to scale your team with precision. We manage HR, legal, and tax intricacies, enabling you to concentrate on your core business objectives. Whether you need a mobile developer or a Machine Learning engineer, we're aligned with your needs.

AI Development

AI Development

Our AI development specialists at Feel IT Studio turn your AI visions into reality with unmatched acumen and expertise. Rely on us for all your AI development needs.

FinTech Development

FinTech Development

Creating a FinTech startup requires specialized expertise. At Feel IT Studio, our experienced specialists understand the unique challenges and complexities of fintech development.

Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

At Feel IT Studio, our front-end developers design and build cutting-edge web apps with visually stunning interfaces. Trust our tech-savvy team to master your front-end development needs.

Back-End Developer

Back-End Developer

At Feel IT Studio, our expertise and passion lie in server-side programming and database management. We ensure efficient backend logic and smooth data handling, tailored to your specific business needs.

Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer

Skilled in full-stack development, our developers at Feel IT Studio oversee the entire process, from UI design to databases and server-side functions, ensuring cohesive and tailored solutions.

Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer

With experience and expertise in mobile app development, our developers at Feel IT Studio create intuitive, immersive, and efficient mobile experiences tailored to your users needs.

Services We Provide

Project discovery

We'll give you a free overview of the candidate market, hiring speed, and a budget with a monthly fee, all within 48 hours.

Staff augmentation

We can quickly allocate the right developer for staff augmentation, meeting your need for a professional and experienced specialist.

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Dedicated team

Let us match your company with a quality, professional dedicated team that will help fulfill your vision and meet all your business needs.

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Expand your team with quality remote candidates through Feel IT, matching them seamlessly to your in-house needs.

Tech stack

Feel IT's tech stack includes Node.js, Angular, React Native, Vue.js, and JavaScript.
With these cutting-edge and secure technologies, we match clients with specific experts and swiftly assemble customized teams to meet their needs and preferences.



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Our workflow

Feel IT Studio's workflow is meticulously crafted to align with your long-term project needs. We assess your requirements, assemble a custom team, conduct rigorous HR and technical evaluations, and select only the best talent. Our process includes candidate-client interviews and establishing communication channels for seamless onboarding. Rigorous performance testing ensures top-tier service and immediate issue resolution. Entrust your long-term project success to Feel IT's proven expertise.


Defining needs

Share your business requirements and needs to help us find the best candidates for you.


Designing a team

Benefit from customized team creation to suit your needs, budget, and requirements.


Talent selection

We receive CVs, screen them, and select the ideal tech candidates for your team.


HR Interview

We also evaluate soft skills, theoretical knowledge, and English proficiency.


Tech Interview

Feel IT assesses technical expertise and knowledge with professionals in the required technologies.


Meet the candidate

We facilitate personal interviews to ensure alignment with your needs.



We set up communication channels for seamless project integration.


Monitoring performance

Feel IT conducts performance testing and promptly addresses any concerns to ensure you receive top-notch service.

Our TeamOur team

Mykyta Shevchenko

Mykyta Shevchenko

Co-Founder & CEO

I understand the challenges businesses face when needing additional specialists - traditional hiring is time-consuming, expensive, and often, local contractors simply can`t provide the immediate help required.That`s why we have designed our services to directly address these problems.

Volodymyr Irzhytskyi

Volodymyr Irzhytskyi

Co-Founder & COO

In 7th grade, I set up my grocery store at school. This project was indeed a small business. I alone organized the purchase of goods, negotiated with the school board, and finally decided to become an entrepreneur. The store, by the way, was very successful, only had to close it when the headmaster became jealous of it.


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