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Need dedicated software developers with specific skill sets to fill talent gaps? As an IT staff augmentation company, Feel IT's seamless tech staff augmentation services can help avoid downtime.

Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Service

Our staff augmentation services harness the power of a robust tech stack, including Node.js, Angular, React Native, Vue.js, and JavaScript, providing you with qualified leads with experts in these cutting-edge technologies. Elevate your projects with our tech-savvy talent.



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Tech Experts We Provide for Your IT Needs

Harness the prowess and acumen of Feel IT's skilled front-end developers to create immersive, user-centric interfaces that captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impact. Our experts combine artistic creativity with technical finesse to craft web experiences that seamlessly bridge design and functionality.

Angular developer

Craft dynamic and immersive user interfaces for exceptional web experiences.

React developer

Develop engaging and seamless front-end solutions with React's power.

Vue developer

Create intuitive, dynamic, and responsive UIs using the Vue.js framework.

Unlocking Your IT Potential with IT Staff Augmentation

Access Elite Talent, Seamlessly

Access Elite Talent, Seamlessly

Streamline your projects with Feel IT's Tech Staff Augmentation.Tap into top- tier expertise hassle - free, ensuring success.We offer part - time or full - time services for extra support you may need.

Flexible solution

Flexible solution

Our agile & flexible solutions adapt to your needs, letting you scale confidently. Whether you need a quick fix or long-term supplemental support, our IT staff augmentation services meet your needs.

Predictable Costs, Great Value

Predictable Costs, Great Value

Enjoy a transparent fee structure for your budgeting peace of mind. Cut your spending by eliminating the equipment cost & other expenses. With Feel IT, you pay for what drives value for your company.

Hassle-Free Journey

Hassle-Free Journey

Unburden yourself from administrative complexities. Feel IT Studio handles legal and tax matters, ensuring a seamless, efficient experience. Focus on growth; we've got the intricate details.

Smooth Transitions

Smooth Transitions

Our efficient onboarding & offboarding processes ensure seamless project transitions. While the engineers we provide aren’t your direct employees, they will integrate into your project.

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Feel IT's IT Staff Augmentation Process


Tell Us Your Needs

Share your IT augmentation needs, including team size, & tech stack. Provide details & connect with ideal candidates.


Elite sourcing

We search and filter candidates to meet your criteria and needs, saving time and resources.



Rigorous HR and tech interviews ensure top-tier choices when hiring dedicated offshore developers.


Client Choice

Curated CVs and interviews help you select a team of reliable dedicated software developers.



Our IT augmentation services include integration with your in-house team, ensuring successful collaboration.


Monitoring performance

Enjoy continuous monitoring & support for candidate success. We monitor the project's success and candidate performance.


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How quickly can you receive a placed developer?

The search and selection process for top talent is tailored to meet the unique needs of your company. Generally, this process takes up to 10 business days, but the duration may vary depending on your specific requirements.

Free Discovery Phase within 48 Hours:

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the developer market, the time required for placement, and the associated budget, we offer a complimentary discovery phase that will be delivered within 48 hours. This valuable insight serves as a helicopter view, enabling you to make informed decisions.

How to Get Started:

You have two easy options to initiate this process:

  • Email Us Directly: Simply send us an email with your query, and our team of experts will respond promptly.
  • Fill Out Our Contact Form: If you prefer, you can fill out our online contact form, and we will reach out to you to discuss the details of your vacancy.

We prioritize understanding your needs and following your initial contact, we will schedule a conversation to delve into the specifics. This personalized approach ensures that we align our search with your goals and provide the best-fit candidates for your FinTech or AI startup.

How do we guarantee that the candidate we provide aligns with your company's needs?

We analyze your company's needs and values to create an Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP). Using the ICP, we follow a three-stage screening process:

Initial Screening: Matching candidates' experience with your needs.

HR Interviews: Assessing theoretical knowledge, English proficiency, and communication skills.

Technical Interview: Evaluating technical expertise in the relevant technology stack.

Upon finding candidates that meet our standards, we present them to you for selection. Once confirmed, we manage the hiring and onboarding, supplying the workspace and necessary equipment for a seamless transition into your project.

Our meticulous approach ensures that the provided candidate aligns perfectly with your company.

Why are the rates different for developers with the same level of experience?

The value of a developer isn't solely determined by the number of years they've been in the field, but also by their expertise in specific technologies and the complexity of their experience.

For example, a developer with five years of experience working with older or less popular programming languages might not command the same rate as one with the same expertise in newer, sought-after technologies.

Factors such as the complexity of the models a Machine Learning developer has used and developed, and the success and quality of the products they've worked on, can also affect their worth.

What are the contract terms, and can they be adjusted to suit our needs for a specialist?

Our standard contract for staff augmentation is 12 months, but we're willing to negotiate a term that fits your specific needs. If you're uncertain about the duration you need the specialist, we can start with a three-month contract, extendable monthly after the initial period.

This provides flexibility to adapt to any changes in your requirements. To end the contract, just give us one-month notice before the date the specialist's services will no longer be required.

Please note, the minimum contract duration we offer is three months.

Do you bill on an hourly or monthly basis?

We calculate the specialist's fee based on the agreed-upon hourly rate, multiplying it by 160 monthly hours. This fixed fee simplifies financial planning, as you'll always know the specialist's cost for the upcoming months.

Additionally, since our specialists often work slightly more hours, this method may result in a smaller overall cost than a strict hourly rate, effectively giving you a small discount.

With whom is the hired professional legally registered?

Specialists are legally registered with Feel IT Studio OÜ, but they are fully allocated to work within your company, as part of your in-house team.

We handle all the legal and financial aspects of working with these specialists, relieving you from the administrative responsibilities associated with maintaining an employee.

How quickly can staff members be added or removed?

Generally, we can assist you in hiring a new developer for your team within two weeks, and you can part ways with a team member with a one-month notice.

e timeline can vary, though. If we have available staff on hand, we might be able to provide you with professionals even faster than two weeks. Conversely, if you require a developer with a specialized or rare skill set, the process might take a bit longer.

Regardless of the specifics, we prioritize meeting your staffing needs as swiftly as possible.

What makes staff augmentation more cost-effective than in-house hiring?

Staff augmentation can be more cost-effective than in-house hiring due to several factors:

  • Flexibility: You can adjust staff numbers and specializations according to fluctuating project needs, which is ideal for tech and startup environments.
  • Lower Overhead Costs: The outsourcing agency handles workspace, equipment, and benefits, reducing overall expenses.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: This approach lets companies concentrate on strategic goals while a specialized agency manages staffing.
  • Reduced Recruitment Expenses: Save time and money compared to in-house recruitment processes.
  • Access to Global Talent: Gain access to a broader, specialized talent pool.
  • Avoidance of Long-term Commitments: Scale up or down without long-term contracts or benefits.
  • Faster Onboarding: Training and onboarding are quicker with augmented staff's pre-existing skills.
  • Risk Management: Outsourcing companies handle personnel risks, correcting any productivity issues promptly.

Staff augmentation offers a cost-effective alternative to in-house hiring by providing flexibility in staffing, reducing overhead costs, and allowing companies to focus on core goals. It also saves on recruitment expenses, offers access to a global talent pool, avoids long-term commitments, ensures faster onboarding, and provides risk management, making it a viable solution for tech and startup environments.